Annual subscription (EN)

CHF 193,00

Annual subscription for 12 soaps
1 soap is delivered to you or the person of your choice at the beginning of each month

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Annual subscription for 12 soaps CHF 193 – All fees and taxes included

Buy an annual subscription and receive a different soap directly in your letterbox at the beginning of each month for a period of 12 months.

Moreover, the annual subscription will be a much apreciated gift by your fortunate enough recipient, who will see every new parcel show up timely and with a different soap! If you make a gift, a nice card will be sent to the person of your choice along with the first soap – please see text and cards of this product.

If you want to offer an annual subscription, just inform a different delivery address during the ordering process.

The annual subscription at CHF 193 proposes 12 superfatted very mild soaps for body and face, from which: 

  • 4 soaps at CHF 10
  • 5 soaps at CHF 13.50
  • 3 soaps at CHF 16.50*

* If, in the range of soaps at CHF 16.50, you would like a Solid Shampoo or a shaving/beard soap (i.e. “Le Savon du Barbier”) to be included, please mention it expressly during the ordering process. You will be given the opportunity to do so in the field meant for your commentaries.

The price of CHF 193 includes*:

  • CHF 157 of soaps
  • CHF 36 of packing and shipping costs (12 X CHF 3 – midi lettre prioritaire – Swiss Post)

*PAY ATTENTION : during the ordering process, among the shipping options, please choose the option « Pay & Collect à la boutique » in order not to pay further shipping costs. The soaps will of course be sent to your address or to the address of the person to whom you offer the annual subscription.


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